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Welcome to MEMCO


Middle East Medical Corporation (MEMCO) a medical supplies company which was established in 2003 by a group of doctors and engineers with vast experience in the Kuwait healthcare sector to serve the demands of this sector by supplying top quality products and services.   

MEMCO has established itself as a reliable supplier of quality products from reputed global brands and is now positioned as one of the most professionally managed companies with a strong sales and service network.  


Our vision is to further consolidate our position as a reliable partner in the healthcare industry by supplying innovative technology from global medical equipment manufacturers to enhance the quality of patient care in Kuwait.  


Our holding company Ward Al Rabea, established in 1956, has emerged as a leading  distributor of commercial commodities with an annual turnover of over US$ 35 million and an annual growth of 25%. 


MEMCO caters to the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Defence, the oil sector hospitals and to private hospitals and clinics. We also have excellent working relationships with many key decision makers as well as with the end-users .  



MEMCO share holders have recently got major share with management role for two well reputed private poly clinics with different specialties including Kuwaiti German Urology unit Derma aesthetic, plastic surgery, Gynecology, day surgery unit, physiotherapy unit, …. Etc, managed by German consultants and having most well reputed doctors practicing for the different specialties. Different departments of the 2 clinics are considered as reference centers for MEMCO for market demonstration of most of products’ range.



We cater to the following:


Medical Equipment and Machines for the following departments:


·           Urology  

·           Obstetrics & Gynecology 

·           Surgery 

·           ENT 

·           Dermatology & aesthetic medicine. 

·           Cardiology 

·           Operation Theater 

·           Physiotherapy 

·           Anesthesia & ICU 

·           Wards (such as Bed Head & Nurse Call Units)  

·           Medical Furniture  


Medical Disposables for the following departments:


·           Urology  

·           Obstetrics & Gynecology 

·           ICU 

·           Anesthesia 

·           Surgery 

·           General 


Pharmaceutical Supplies:


·           Cathejell 

·           Vitamins and Supplements 

·           Pharmaceuticals 

·           General Supplies  

·           Consumables