Wiest Uropower, Germany

      ·   Urodynamic 

·   Urodynamic Wireless  

·   Uroflowmetry  

·   Accessories and Disposables for the above 


Montavit, Austria 

Cathejell ® (Lubricant Gel with Lidocaine) 



Richard Wolf, Germany 


  ·   Minimally Invasive Endoscopes for: 

-   Surgical Laparoscopy  

-   Obstetrics & Gynecological Laparoscopy: Hysteroscopy (Flexible & Rigid), Cystoscopy (Flexible & Rigid), Resectoscopy, Fetal blood sampling, Speculums 

-   Urological Laparoscopy: Cystoscopy (Flexible & Rigid), Uretero-Renoscope (Flexible & Rigid), Resectoscopy, Lithoclast with Lithovac, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy with Ultrasound and X-Ray, Intra-corporeal Lithotripsy Litho last with Lithovac, Laser 

·    Plastic Surgery Products 

·    Spinal Surgery products 

·    ENT Endoscopes 

·    Cardio Surgery Products 

·    Physiotherapy & Orthopedic: Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy  

·    Integrated Operation Theater - CORE  



Urovision, Germany 


  ·    Urethral catheters & drainage products for incontinence care 

·    Ureteral stents 

·    Suprapubic bladder drainage 

·    Nephrostomy 

·    Ureteral catheters 

·    Biopsy needles, wires & urological accessories 

·    Stone baskets 

·    Speciality products  

·    Pediatrics 


World of Medicine, Germany 


·    Gammafinder 


Matritech, USA 


·    NMP22 (Test for Bladder Cancer) 

Ärzte- & Apotheker-Leasing a GmbH.


·    Major medical equipment leasing company / dealer in Europe. 

·    Leasing of new medical equipments 

·    Leasing for refurbished medical equipments 


More suppliers with ongoing deals.  

Derma Esthetic equipments, body shaping, Co2    FractionalLaser,IPL, and Diod laser, 


·    Furun Medical Co., Biofeedback and incontinence equipments. 


·    UZUMCU, Medical Turkish Company  

Produce wide range of high quality products of Stainless steel instruments, Operation theater tables, couches, medical furniture and equipments. 


·    Seersmedical, UK, Medical and therapeutic range of couches and beds. 


Well established contacts with more international well reputed Korean, German, and multinational companies’ suppliers with highest product profile for different products’ profiles.