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Richard Wolf medical technology manufacturer of high-quality products for endoscopic diagnostic and therapy



Richard Wolf GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality products for endoscopic diagnostic and therapy in human medicine and veterinary medicine.

The company is based in Knittlingen and provides individual solutions in the fields of ESWL and ESWT as well as solutions for industrial applications.As a full-range supplier in endoscopy we have a workforce of 1400 highly qualified employees. We operate as an innovative international Group with 7 subsidiaries and 137 regional offices worldwide.

Our rigid and flexible endoscopes are used in the disciplines of arthroscopy, surgery, gastroenterology, gynecology, laparoscopy, ENT, neuroendoscopy, thoracoscopy, urology and visualization. The endoscope is the centre of our success spanning more than 100 years in this sophisticated area of precision engineering.

100 years of experience in endoscopy and over 1,400 highly motivated,specialist employees worldwide as well as seven subsidiaries and 120 carefully selected distributors are a guarantee for excellent, highly innovative products and product systems of outstanding quality and user safety for the world market.

Endoscopy, the basis for all minimally invasive therapy, was always the speciality of the house of Wolf. With the development of the extracorporeal lithotriptor based on the principle of focused piezoelectric shock waves, Richard Wolf GmbH made a major contribution to non-invasive stone therapy.

Today, Richard Wolf is one of the leading German companies in endoscopy worldwide with a comprehensive range of top-quality products and product systems for minimally invasive surgery and endoscopy in human and veterinary medicine and in the field of ESWL, ESWT / TPST. The company also produces technical endoscopes for non medical high-tech industries.

From the start of the 20th century to the present day, the history of endoscopy has also been the history of the Wolf family. Tradition, progress and innovation hand-inhand. The name of Wolf stands for a century of know-how in endoscopy.

Since its founding, Richard Wolf has developed into a leading medical engineering
company respected worldwide.

Outstanding ideas in the development of new projects and innovative concepts for
complex systems are the basis for superb, user-friendly solutions in minimally invasive surgery. Richard Wolf uniquely embodies tradition and expertise in the development of top-quality medical products and product systems for many fields of human medicine.

With the introduction of the "core" integrated OR solution, Richard Wolf GmbH as one of the innovation carriers in minimally invasive surgery provides a complete system solution to meet the new challenges of this millenium.


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