Urodynamic Measurements Systems

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WIEST Uropower Ltd. specializes in the gynecology and urological market with extensive experience in building powerful and reliable equipment used in these markets.

WIEST Uropower Ltd. is certified for the scope design and development, manufacturing, distribution and Service of medical devices according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2007.

WIEST Uropower Ltd. could give proof that a Quality Assurance System according to requirement of Annex V is implemented for production and final inspection and testing of the medical products (93/42/EEC). Thus, we fulfill the CE0494 standard with our products.

WIEST offers:

  Experience in the Urodynamic, Urological and Gynecology medical equipment sector
  Equipment for any treatment
  Professional customer service
  Well trained service agents


Urodynamic measuring System




The Jupiter 8000-II is a revolutionary urodynamic measurement system.

UroRadio (wireless control) is the result of WIEST research
 - the first system that allows placement of the patient unit for the urodynamic parameters measurements up to 30 meters away from the main unit with the wireless connection.

The same technology is used for the keyboard and the mouse which can also be placed at a distance.

JUPITER II is a sophisticated urodynamic measurement system that allows obtaining reliable and accurate data and results.



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Uroflow measuring System

The CardFlow enables the highest level of precision and reliability. The patient has the opportunity to feel more “privacy” during the examination. The CardFlow needs no extra service from the staff for the preparation of the examination.

The insurance card and the measuring sheet can be loaded and saved via the CardFlow Card reader. The CardFlow works completely paperfree. The measuring sheets can be transferred to your PC and saved as a PDF file.

The patient can insert his chip card and start the measuring process by himself. To stop the process, he simply has to remove the card. All analog WIEST Uroflow measuring devices are compatible with the CardFlow.


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